At OWLS, we believe all children have something special to offer. We understand that all children are different and learn in different ways. While a child may exhibit an exceptional gift in one area of the curriculum, they may need extra support to access another. 

Our small class sizes allow us to offer support to all children, including those with individual needs. We are able to customize learning programs for children, who need learning support, and our multi-age classes allow children to access and revisit the basic core building blocks of reading, writing and numeracy, providing a solid foundation of learning. 

Our gifted and talented teachers also provide extension and enrichment activities, such as games to promote critical and creative thinking skills for our kindergarten and primary classes, allowing children’s gifts to ‘bubble’ to the surface, and not remain hidden from view.



At Mui Wo OWLS School, we are committed to maintaining a high teacher-to-student ratio. We also offer pull-outs for small-group or individual work in areas of specific abilities, need or interest.

Our high teacher-student ratio allows teachers to individualize the method of teaching to suit the abilities, interests and learning style of each student. 

Our small class size permits teachers to spend a significant amount of time individually with students, assessing their learning and teaching them strategies that will develop their capability to learn independently.